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This is my 8th year in education.  It is my third year teaching at Dennett Elementary in Plympton, Massachusetts, where I currently teach 6th grade. I keep a classroom blog that can be found at mravery.edublogs.org.


Getting ready to start a new year!

Even though I haven’t been teaching that long, I’ve already had the opportunity to teach in many different cities. I started out teaching in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Then I moved to Savannah, Georgia which is over 1,000 miles away! It was much different than Massachusetts. We never got snow and the summers were so hot! After Georgia, I taught in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus reminded me a lot of Boston but instead of everyone rooting for the Red Sox and the Patriots, everyone would root for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now those are my three favorite teams! Finally, I decided to move back to Massachusetts which is where I am now, teaching in Plympton!

All the places I have taught!

All the places I have taught!

I have been lucky enough to be named as a Rookie of the Year by the Plymouth County Educators Association. I’ve also recently been named to the Top 40 Under 40 by the Cape and Plymouth Business Magazine! I’m honored but could not have done any of this without the amazing work of my colleagues and all of their help!

2009-2010 Rookie of the Year

2009-2010 Rookie of the Year

I love trying to find new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. I look forward to exploring the use of the green screen in our classroom this year. I can’t wait to create new projects with the students that we can share on our blog. I look forward to everything that this year has to bring!

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  1. Hello Mr Avery. It feels good to come and learn from you on a blog for teachers. I started my first teacher blog this year and was impressed with your work done with your students. It feels good to hear from you direct in my email and come to this new blog.

    I tried animoto with a student voiceover today (not music). It trimmed the images away to shorten the length to match the voice (unfortunately).

    Did you find this?

    I am experimenting with recording voices and finding ways to publish them with images too. I’m an ESL teacher.

    Today I got lost trying to find a way to give an mp3 student recording it’s own html address so I can add it to a flipbook.

    Maybe you might know a way.

    I think you might be the teacher who videod students in front of a green screen then added animal safari video behind that.

    I would love to learn how you did that.

    Where do you get the green screen? What software allows you to superimpose like that?


    Ms Trad

    • Hi Ms. Trad,

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new blog? I’ve definitely been looking forward to getting this started and love hearing that others find it useful.

      I have found that Animoto can be somewhat tough to navigate in trying to perfectly match up the voices and the images. I think the pictures would have to be more generic. They wouldn’t be able to perfectly match everything up.

      I am the one who did the endangered animal videos with the green screen. We used a couple programs for that, one called Pinnacle Studio and another called Sony Vegas. Pinnacle Studio is much cheaper and very easy to use. Sony Vegas is more expensive and more advanced but provides more features.

      I purchased a green screen for around $20 on Amazon. It was a green muslin fabric. I now have a painted wall instead. If you have enough space to paint a wall, I recommend it because with the fabric, you have to make sure all the wrinkles are ironed out. I definitely plan to do a post or a page about creating videos with a green screen. Hopefully that will be more help!


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